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ASTRO 2007

Automated Analysis Software for the Objective Assessment and Optimisation of Radiotherapy Image Quality

RSNA 2007

IQ Works: An Automated Image Analysis Framework for the Objective Assessment and Optimisation of Image Quality

  • CODE: SSQ16-06 SESSION: Physics (Various Modalities: Nuclear Medicine, Optical, MR Imaging)
  • Thursday, 29th November 2007, 11.20 AM
  • Full abstract on RSNA Website

A New Package and the Evaluation of Detectors for Display and Projector Luminance Response Curve Calibration against the DICOM Part 14 Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF)

  • CODE: SSJ16-05 SESSION: Physics (Visualization, Displays, PACS)
  • Tuesday, 27th November 2007, 3.40 PM
  • Full abstract on the RSNA Website
  • Discusses the Display QA functionality in IQWorks