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Example analysis: Catphan 500 alignment slice

Scanner: GE Lightspeed Pro 32 Warning, this page is currently a work in progress, and is not complete!



  1. Launch IQWorks

  2. Open the image file downloaded from the link in Resources above (Catphan500.dcm)
    Catphan Image opened in IQWorks

  3. You can improve the look of the image by adjusting the window width and window level using the slide markers on the histogram on the right hand side:
    Improved Window Width and Level

  4. Load the analysis tree:

  • File -> Open Analysis Tree or
  • Click on the third icon from the left: “Load Analysis Tree”
  • Choose either CT Scanner -> Catphan -> Catphan 500 Alignment.xml or
  • Download the analysis tree above and open that version.
  1. You should now see the analysis tree on the left, and a series of regions of interest drawn on the image: Analysis Tree Opened

  2. Right click on the first line of the analysis tree (the tree name): “Catphan 500 Alignment Slice”

  3. Select “Run Tree on Current Image”
    Tree Analysed

  4. You will see that as the processes in the tree run, some of the regions of interest will show signs of activity, with yellow edge detection lines for example.


Report_20080918175950.pdf: CATPHAN 500 Alignment Slice Analysis Report